Affirmation Cards – Set 1 (30 Cards)


30 Affirmation Cards plus individual extra context videos via a QR code.

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Regular affirmations have been proven to result in improved performance, lower stress, increased self-esteem, and many other positive outcomes.

This set of 30 affirmation cards can be used for your own development, either as a daily practice with all 30 affirmations, or just 1 card used frequently throughout the day. There are also several other combinations of using these cards effectively.

Not only do the cards include the affirmations themselves, on the back there is a QR code to a video adding some extra context to each affirmation, as well as a space for you to make your own notes in how you best connect with that affirmation.

The value offered in these cards is unique to Develop Together and our customers.

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 1.10 × 0.80 × 0.15 cm


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