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Own The Day for Health & Fitness – Level 1


The Own The Day programme for Health and Fitness is a 12 week course of 1 daily task related to taking you from whatever your starting point is, to an improved level of health and fitness, alongside the changes in mindset that are required for a continued healthy lifestyle longer after the programme has been completed.

Anyone at any level of health and fitness can benedit from this programme, with the ability to customise it to suit your own individual situation.

This programme is delivered via daily emails.

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A 12 Week programme to improve your Health & Fitness, from wherever you start. There are no requirements other than the willingness to put in the effort on a daily basis.

This isn't a weight loss programme, but if you commit 100% to the daily tasks then it's likely you may achieve a decrease in your weight if that's your objective.

This version includes only 1 task per day, and is best suited for those who either have an extremely busy life, or those who typically struggle to maintain their commitment.


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