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When we decide to make a change in our lives, we begin to feel motivated to get it done. Some of us feel more motivated than others but this isn’t necessarily an indicator of how successful we’ll be with our endeavours.

For those that begin their change with a high level of motivation, the challenge could be much more difficult as it’s likely that their level of motivation won’t remain high all the time, so any reduction can be more noticeable, resulting in an increased chance of slowing down or stopping the process of change.

If you start with a lower level of motivation then even though it may take a little more effort to put your changes into action, any fluctuations in your motivation will be less likely to bring about slowing down or stopping. It’s also more likely that your motivation levels may increase some days too.

Being able to carry out our actions for change when our motivation is on the lower end will build our resilience and also momentum to continue when things may get tough.

So a great technique to maintain some level of motivation on a daily basis is to consider every day as if it were the first day in our plan to make a change.

By taking this perspective we can remove the need to maintain a continuous string of days that we completed our actions for change. Instead we just focus on completing day one everyday.

Even if we’re not able to complete our actions some days, we know that the next day is day one again rather than another day we might not complete our actions.

So if maintaining motivation is difficult for you, give this method a try and see if it makes a difference.