Own the Day – Daily Reminder – 1 Year


Start to Make a Change today and for the rest of the next year, for LESS THAN A PENNY A DAY!

You’ve got nothing to lose, so sign up today!


For less than a penny a day, you could change your life by this time next year, by owning the day everyday.

As your virtual accountability partner, I’ll remind you to set a small goal for yourself each day.

Overtime you’ll gradually build confidence in your ability to achive something everyday, and you’ll naturally give yourself bigger taks to complete each day, although you’ll never be forced to do so.

If you want to improve your life in one or more of the following areas:-

-: Career
-: Confidence
-: Mental Wellbeing
-: Money Management
-: People & Relationships
-: Physical Health

Then with this very low cost investment, and a little bit of daily effort from yourself, then a better future for yourself is in your hands.

You’ve got nothing to lose, so sign up now!


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