30 Cards with individual positive affirmations, plus a QR code on the back of each card to access a unique video related to that affirmation, which adds further context to help connect with it more effectively.


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Mindset Programme

Over 12 weeks, this programme aims to build a personalised healthy lifestyle for it’s users. There are 3 levels to choose from. Either 1, 2 or 3 tasks per day. All options include a weekly mindset focus to assist in the change process.

All Daily Tasks Will Work Towards…

Improved Sleep

Better Nutrition

A Healthier Heart

A Positive Mindset

A Resilient Attitude

All Tasks Can Be Personalised


There is flexibility in the majority of the tasks, allowing you the complete freedom to make it individual to your own situaton and circumstances.


No One Size Fits All System


The only thing that is the same for everyone using this programme is the underlying concept. We all have very different backgrounds and experiences which often make any one size fits all system unsuitable, and therefore unworkable on a long term basis to see results. That’s why this programme has been designed with as much flexibility as possible, so you can tailor most aspects to meet your daily needs and responsibilities.


Own The System to Own The Day


It’s all down to you. Every single day it’s up to you to determine how to best complete the daily task/s in line with what else you’ve got going on that day. After doing this for 12 weeks, along with the weekly mindset guidance, you will complete the programme with the confidence of knowing how to Own The Day every single day, even if that means giving yourself a break.

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About The Programme

The Own The Day programme for Health and Fitness is a 12 week course of 1, 2, or 3 daily tasks related to taking you from whatever your starting point is, to an improved level of health and fitness, alongside the changes in mindset that are required for a continued healthy lifestyle long after the programme has been completed.

The three levels of the programme are for different levels of commitment that people may have, whether that be people with very busy schedules and little time to fit in a number of daily tasks, or people who currently struggle to stick to a plan with too many actions to complete. Whatever situation you’re in, one of the 3 levels will be better suited for you.

Most of the daily tasks can be personalised around your individual situation, so this is certainly not a cookie cutter approach, instead it’s one that can be used by anyone* and you have full control of the details.

*18 years old+

About the author

With a background in teaching, mentoring, and coaching, Rob has taken a keen interest in people for more than 20 years. Alongside this experience, he has been an avid writer of both factual and fictional works, including a poetry book for children, using a font designed for those with Dyslexia. (The A to Z of Animal Poetry)

Combining his desire to help as many people as possible to improve their lives, with his experience working one to one with over 800 individuals, writing and publishing a course was the obvious next step.

Plans are already in action to write further courses to help people in various areas of life.

Rob Palmer

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